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  • This design is nothing short of amazing, it’s been quietly passed around our office all week and it really sums up the Chive Community like nothing we’ve ever seen. View Details
    John Resig, President
    Resignation Media, theChive
  • Aaron is a great web designer. His price is reasonable and his service is superior to most. I have worked with over 5 different web designers and I've yet to find someone more detail oriented, with fresh and novel ideas, as Aaron. His web designing skills are superb, and he is good at listening to what his clients are looking for and then translating that into a quality work product. Anyone would be in good hands with this guy. View Details
    Alex Forrest, Partner
    Forrest & Kolodny, L.L.P.
  • As the sole proprietor of this business, Unique Optical, I am very pleased with the serviced offered by Haeresis. The website was finished in a timely manner, the website can be easily navigated, we are on the top 5 results on search engines and a training session was offered to the staff should we need to make any minor changes. Our clients love it, our staff love it and myself and my wife love it. Recommendations away! View Details
    Tony Kolodny, Owner
    Unique Optical Designer Eyewear
  • Aaron is an excellent leader ! He is known for his tenacity; seeing the project through to the end. Aaron is a visionary, spotting trends and staying ahead of the game. He was always a pleasure to work with, greeting everyone with a genuine smile, and never hesitant to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs one. His work speaks for itself. Impeccable. Neat, well-groomed, professional and prompt are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Aaron. View Details
    Dionshae Williams, Broker
    Senior Market Sales
  • To choose just 3 attributes does not do Aaron justice. He has integrity and commitment to follow through on the job. I found Aaron sensitive to my needs. He heard me and created an elegant, user friendly site that expresses what I need for both my sculpture and photography. View Details
    Margaret Losinski
  • Thank you to Aaron for doing great work with Houston Chivers and providing us with high quality and professional graphics we can use to promote our events! You are truly amazing! View Details