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Adding Domain Specific Emails To Gmail



I have a lot of clients who seem to get stuck at the idea of consolidating emails. How do you best manage your emails, knowing that your good ol’ gmail is where all the magic is really happening, yet marketing it leaves your clients wondering why you don’t have a “professional” email.

Well, the good folks over at BlueHost have put together a nice little post explaining exactly how to add your domain specific (you@yourdomain.com) to your gmail, and then be able to send from gmail as though it was from your domain specific account.

As a side note, you will need the login info (email address and password) of your domain specific email, as well as the pop server and port number, to complete this process. This info is usually available from your hosting provider, probably located in their help or support forum.



What is happening is that you’re basically giving google permission to dive into your domain specific email to mask itself as the other, keeping you in the same email client. Switching back and forth between your email sender account is as easy as choosing it from the drop down arrow that magically appears in the From section of your newly composed email, once you complete the process.

Hope this helps, and you know I’m always here for you if you have any questions. 🙂

(H/T BlueHost)